Getty Images Chief Photographer Matthias Hangst made this spectacular unstaged shot during a ski jumping competition of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships on February 26, 2017 in Lahti, Finland.

The award-winning sports photographer manages a team of extremely talented and successful photographers in Germany.

“It started snowing during the night event and I was positioned on the stairs next to the jumping hill,” Hangst said. “So with the heavy snow there was another nice element I could work with to get a different frame.Black sky, artificial light, heavy snowfall and a spectacular sport are great elements to work with.”

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LAHTI, FINLAND – FEBRUARY 26: Vincent Descombes Sevoie of France competes in the Mixed Team HS100 Normal Hill Ski Jumping during the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships on February 26, 2017 in Lahti, Finland. (Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

Location:       Los Ríos Region (Chile)

Settings:         1/800 – f/2.8 – ISO 2500

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Matthias Hangst

Matthias Hangst is an award-winning sports photographer based in Karlsruhe, Germany. At the age of 41, he has already attended nine Olympic Games, covered both men´s and women´s FIFA World Cup Finals, and worked at most of the major international sporting events around the globe. After being an independent photographer for over ten years, he became a staff photographer with Getty Images in May 2014. Two years later Matthias took on the role as Chief Sports Photographer, a role which includes leading a team of award-winning photographers. Having been a competitive athlete himself, Matthias brings a passion for sports and movement, and has an eye for that very special moment. His dynamic style and his ability to capture interesting moods and perspectives have brought him assignments for top sports associations such as FIFA, DFL, FINA or Wimbledon. In addition to earning numerous awards for his work at global sports events, he has photographed successful advertising campaigns for notable brands, and works regularly on behalf of sponsors and organizations.

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