Nice shot


Krishna Valdez Ramírez, best known in the photographic world as Krishna VR, was just 17 years-old when she won the “Under 20” prize at SIPAContest 2016 with her self-portrait, Ofelia. The Mexican photographer i... Read More


“Greetings from the land of smiles,” is Bangladeshi photographer Noor Ahmed Gelal’s typical welcome. But this simple greeting carries a lot of meaning as Gelal is dedicated to showing the world a side of Ban... Read More

Sardine Run

Each May and June, a stunning ocean event takes place off the coast of South Africa so massive that it can be seen from space: the region’s famous sardine run. Millions of sardines migrate from Cape Agulhas ... Read More


Landscapes were his main focus after buying his first Canon DSLR. His interest in weather photography began about a year later when he traveled to “Tornado Alley” in the United States Midwest to shoot monster s... Read More