Sergey Gorshkov

As a child growing up in a Siberian village, celebrated Russian wildlife photographer and multi-year SIPA honoree Sergey Gorshkov didn’t have television. Nature was his “entertainment” and he loved being fully ... Read More

Kelley Dallas

Denver, Colorado USA-based photographer Kelley Dallas loves travel and cultural experiences. In fact, for 20 years before she married and had a child, she took an international personal trip nearly every year. ... Read More

Tim Clayton

Famed Sports Photographer Tim Clayton Offers High Praise for SIPA and Advice for Photographers “Stay positive and produce work that you consider to be of a high standard” Competitors in action during the... Read More

Jens Krauer

“Share emotions not pixels.” That’s the credo of Jens Krauer, a Swiss Fuji X-Photographer known for candid street shots and documentary. “Street photography gives me lust for life and motivation to move ... Read More

Elia Locardi

An American photographer with Italian roots, Elia Locardi has worked as a “location independent” travel photographer, instructor and speaker since 2012. The incredible stairs that lead through the center of... Read More