Polish photographer Bartlomiej Jurecki captured the true essence of Redyk, the centuries-old annual traditional march of highlanders with his creative shot. Jurecki says the autumn march ends in festivities, as highlanders celebrate returning home with the ... Read More

Sergey Gorshkov

As a child growing up in a Siberian village, celebrated Russian wildlife photographer Sergey Gorshkov didn’t have television. Nature was his “entertainment” and he loved being fully immersed in the wild world around him. But then, he contracted a particular... Read More

Kelley Dallas

Denver, Colorado USA-based photographer Kelley Dallas loves travel and cultural experiences. In fact, for 20 years before she married and had a child, she took an international personal trip nearly every year. And she made the beautiful photograph of a ball... Read More


Free yourself from ISO-phobia and learn to overexpose. There are many good reasons for this. In the shooting phase, a strong intentional overexposure is the most important
factor in acquiring images of surprising sharpness... even with high IS... Read More

Alexander Vinogradov

Russian photographer Alexander Vinogradov bought his first camera just a decade ago. At the time, he says, he "dreamed of learning to take pictures of landscapes or make beautiful macro pictures." But as he launched into his newfound passion, he was pulled ... Read More